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Just for laughs

August 3, 2010

I got this forward from a friend a while back. I felt compelled to share is because I need to cheer someone up, I couldn’t think of a better way and also because it’ll help many others as well. Here it goes, I hope to recreate it as closely as I can:

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Installing Windows after Gentoo Linux

July 31, 2010

Hey guys, I felt compelled to write this article after my search for a solution to a pretty common problem turned out to be nothing but futile. Yeah,  there are lotsa sites there, they give you promises yet they don’t actually solve the problem. In this method, I’ve successfully tricked Windows into working from any damn partition (primary of course).

Yes, Linux and Windows can coexist in a dual boot

Yes, Linux and Windows can coexist in a dual boot

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Taming the penguin

July 25, 2010

Taming the penguin? you might ask what is so much to tame in a penguin, they are cute, gentle black and white birds with a taste for cool places. Yeah, but lotsa people don’t agree, I think it has something to do with the windows of their houses, through which the harmless penguin Linux Mascotappears to be a vicious wild rabid carnivorous monster that would love to bite your ass off and you’ll end with painful injections on your navel. So.. which penguin am I talking about? well, penguins come in a variety of types and shapes, Emperor penguins, Chinstrap penguins, Rockhopper penguins, Adelie penguins and finally Tux, but they are all penguins right?….

Don’t worry, this isn’t a weird guide on zoology, and no, I have no plans to work for Nat Geo either :).It’s just a brief story of how I got into the Linux world. There seems to be several listings out there on the net about the pros and cons of the different operating systems available. Then there are fights over which one is the best. But I intend this article as an account on my transition to this wonderful OS, on to the story then….

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I’m Back!!

July 24, 2010

Well, this would be my first post in a very long time.  I was surprised to find that my blog got quite a few visits despite the lack of activity. I had gotten a bit discouraged by lack of response from people… sorta felt like speaking to a bunch of chairs lol.

Anyway, I’m gonna go post about something that’s been doing the rounds in my head for a while.

The world of Travian

January 15, 2010

This time round I’m writing about a completely off-topic subject. It’s about this online game that I’ve started to play about a month back. It all started with an annoying ad that comes in most of the websites that I visit. It’s called Travian, it would nicely fit in the RTS category, and in fact it is so ‘real time’ that people spend about an year on average playing it. Besides this the feeling that you are playing against real people with actual intelligence and… emotions gives it a very real feel, you could negotiate truces, make allies start a war on another alliances. It’s good for people on the move as the whole game is online; all you need is a browser.

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Avoiding broken bones

January 9, 2010

I initially intended this to be a continuation of my post on shin conditioning, it is to a great extent, but it’s useful for almost anyone who cares about bone health. I came across some videos where athletes have broken their shin bone completely. More than the excruciating pain, these injuries could possible prevent you from sparring forever. The surprising ease by which their bones broke made me think about the whole thing for several days. Was it because they had low bone density? Was it because they had not conditioned their shins properly? Was it because they actually used too much force? I searched the net for some answers. I’ll talk about them in detail soon. But first have a look at the videos, I’m just putting two of them here, but there are many more from where they came from. Read more…

Yet another narcotic – the haircut

January 7, 2010

I know what all of you people out there must be thinking, it’s kind of weird. But just think about it, doesn’t it really feel good when you get a haircut? In fact I think that I’m addicted to it, whenever I recover from some sickness be it fractures, fever, migraine or just plain bad mood I head to the barber and get a haircut. I don’t know whether it’s the actual cutting of the hair or the resulting bath that I have after coming back, but it feels really, really good!! Read more…